All of your due dates,
for all of your classes,
in one place.

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Amazing Features

  • Self Populating

    Just tell the app what classes you're in, and it will automatically fill your calendar with all of the due dates for anything worth a grade in your classes.

  • Push Notifications

    Get reminders the day before an assignment is due, and three days before a test is due.

  • Variable View

    Look at your calendar in monthly, weekly, and daily views.

  • Simple + Sleek Design

    Stay organized in the cleanest, most straight forward way possible.

Why should you slack less and "Shlack" more?

Shlacker was built for students, by students. Because of this, Shlacker was made knowing that no matter how smart you are, you won’t have great grades unless you’re staying organized. Students told us that the majority of the time they got a bad grade in a class it was because they forgot to submit an assignment or forgot to study for a test.

We set out to create a free service for students that would enable them to have instant access to a calendar showing them when anything worth a grade is due. On top of this, we threw in push notification reminders. This way, you’ll never forget to study or turn something in again. We want you to be able to focus on what matters, and get the grades you need. We’re just here to help, simple.

Calendar filled with all YOUR due dates, in just under 5 minutes.

  • Download Shlacker from the iPhone App Store

  • Sign in with an email

  • Select your classes

  • Done! View your calendar



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